Surveying importance in Civil Engineering

Surveying & it’s importance in Civil Engineering

A feasible and economical project without surveying in Civil Engineering! is it possible? It’s absolutely not possible. In civil Engineering, Surveying is a primary building block in construction activities. To make the project more viable, the “surveying” keeps importance primarily in work break down structure. The contemporary research also reveals that the development of surveying, a system of linear measurements has national significance regarding the boundaries of processions and termination of land disputes.

If you are a die-hard surveyor and want to know more about surveying, its importance & applications, then you are no farther away to get the right information.


Surveying and Civil Engineering?

Surveying is a technique which helps us in determining the relative positions of different objects below and above the surface of the earth through linear and angular measurements.

In civil engineering, using these calculations (linear and angular measurements) surveying help us to establish points. By plotting these points on CAD software or manually in a drawing sheet, the required plan and section is equipped. Through this plan, the area and volume can be calculated.

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In the present era, the surveying is being performed by using modernistic and portable devices. These modern surveying techniques have reduced the workload. The “surveying” which was considered the toughest job, is being uncomplicated now!

Civil engineering surveys and its applications:

There are numerous applications of surveying in Civil Engineering which are being performed currently in the field.

In road surveying, the analysis is performed upon the whole land, how the construction of the planned road is possible in such a way that it may not have any inconvenience for the transport in future. All the rudiments which will come in surrounding of roads like trees, pedestrian and guardrail are taken into account.

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In construction surveying, the locations and points of a boundary are usually taken under consideration, and the analysis is performed before and during the execution. Calculations are shown for the marked locations to check the horizontal and vertical positioning.

In post-construction surveying, the structural elements of the building are analyzed for the evaluation of serviceability and sustainability.

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Importance of surveying in Civil Engineering:

The knowledge of surveying is valuable for all field of Engineering, but it has significant importance in Civil Engineering.

  • Surveying helps us in preparing of Topographical maps, which illustrate natural and human-made features. Apart from this, the cadastral, contour and Engineering maps are also made by surveying techniques. These maps elaborate us about the boundaries, land rights and other relevant details.
  • A plan and cross-section of the required land can be established by using surveying techniques.
  • The registration of the quantity, the obsession of the boundaries and protection of the rights of other property is being carried out by surveying techniques.
  • Surveying also keeps its importance in earthwork calculation. By using this technique, an entire bill of quantity (BOQ) can be prepared for a specific project.
  • The planning of all Civil Engineering projects such as the construction of dams, multistory building, roads etc. are based upon surveying.
  • By the application of surveying techniques, the overall cost of the construction project can be reduced.

Carrier Roadway for civil Engineering Surveyors:

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In conclusion, Surveying has its signification in the practical application of Civil Engineering. Surveyors ensure us that without them, the construction, protection of one’s property and development in the building won’t be possible. So, before starting any construction project, the client should consult with the well-reputed surveying company to make the project technically and economically feasible. If there is no surveying, it’s absolute chaos!


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